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I create contemporary, figuratively based sculptures, that manifest the human spirit with lightness and grace.


There is an ephemeral quality to my work, a poetic sense of reflection.

The figures are often reaching out beyond themselves, connecting to nature, to spirit, to the sky. They are an invitation into a world of enchantment, invoking the wonder and mystery of life. 


The sculptures are inspired by moments in time that inspire me, such as seeing the moon on a starry night, or being surprised by a bird flying overhead and being lifted for a moment on its wings into the sky. 


I work directly in clay and plaster, which is then cast in limited editions of bronze, bronze resin or iron resin.


I’m mostly self taught and my creative practice is grounded in my exploration of meditation.


Growing up in the beautiful landscapes of Shropshire and North Wales, I was instilled with a love for nature and felt at home in the natural world. 

This love of nature, combined with my creative drive, first led me into gardening  and garden design. Over time this  developed into creating sculptures for gardens.

 So it's a particular honour to have shown my sculptures in some of the great gardens of England. 


Working as a sculptor for over 20 years, I’m now based in Newhaven.


My sculptures are exhibited nationally and internationally and are in private collections in the UK and around the world.

Some lovely comments that have been made about my work:


"To see  a Jeremy Moulsdale Sculpture in position can take your breath away. They dance, they mysteriously alter in the light, their beautiful curves are silhouetted in the moonlight. We at Art for Cure have never worked with a more talented sculptor......owning a Moulsdale will quite simply change your life let alone your inside or outside space." 2020


“A tour de force in lighthearted and thoughtful art for the garden”.

Art Parks international 

"It is where we imagined it would reside and we cannot believe how beautiful it looks. Early morning and moonlit swims have just become even more special. The pleasure your work brings is extraordinary".

 Aug 2020



Exhibitions in 2024

Moncrieff-Bray Gallery West Sussex, May - Oct


The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, Surrey. April - Oct

Winsor Birch at Carden Park Hotel, Cheshire

Cotswold Sculpture Park, Gloucestershire, April - Oct

Delamore Arts, Deon, May

Leonardslee Gardens, West Sussex

Pashley Manor, East Sussex, April - Oct 

Doddington Hall, Lincolshire, July - August

Lympsotne Manor, Devon

Cotswolds Contemporary Gallery, Burford

App Art, Godalming, Surrey April




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My Channel

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