My inspiration comes from the moments in life when my soul is touched and my spirit soars. Often simple moments, when I see the moon in the clear night sky or get lifted on the wings of a passing bird. My creative heart is stirred when I feel a sweet reverence for life. I try to listen to the advice of Robert Henri who said "The object isn't to make art, but to be in that wonderful space that makes art inevitable".      

Some lovely comments that have been made about my work:


"To see  a Jeremy Moulsdale Sculpture in position can take your breath away. They dance, they mysteriously alter in the light, their beautiful curves are silhouetted in the moonlight. We at Art for Cure have never worked with a more talented sculptor......owning a Moulsdale will quite simply change your life let alone your inside or outside space." 2020


“A tour de force in lighthearted and thoughtful art for the garden”.

Art Parks international 

"It is where we imagined it would reside and we cannot believe how beautiful it looks. Early morning and moonlit swims have just become even more special. The pleasure your work brings is extraordinary".

 Aug 2020