It is a delight for me to take a lump of clay or bag of plaster in my hands. To then mould, form, scrape and carve, until somehow a sculpture appears that speaks to me about the wonder of life. This is the amazing process that inspires me.


The work I make is a reflection of this sense of wonder and mystery. I sculpt figures that show a delight in life and have a lightness of spirit expressed in different ways, as they dance under the sky, talk with the birds or catch the falling stars.


I am inspired by the eastern meditative arts of buddhism and Zen and the ancient tradition of making Buddha statues.


Most of my work is cast as limited editions of metal resins or bronze, so they can go outdoors and be enjoyed in a garden or natural setting.


  "The object isn't to make art, but to be in that wonderful space that makes art inevitable".        Robert Henri.